Affiliate Program

It's easy and profitable to become a RefSlot Affiliate. When you influence an arbiter, sports league, etc., to begin using RefSlot, you get paid! After the free trial period, if the customer continues using the system you will begin accruing residual commissions.

Commission structure:

  • Year #1: 30% of gross revenue
  • Year #2: 15% of gross revenue
  • Year #3 and on: 5% of gross revenue (residual)
You will only receive affiliate commission payments for customers you bring in. And you will only be paid after the customer pays us. We submit payments once per month to all affiliates who have accrued at least $20 in commissions.

What to do: After you convince an arbiter or sports league to create a RefSlot account, simply send us your email address and the account email of the arbiter or league. That's it, you're done!